Equipment Quoting Guidelines

Please refer any quotes to Protecsure...

  • Static (non-portable) Equipment with replacement value more than $10,000
  • Where an individual item has a value greater than NZ$50,000 ex GST.
  • For schedules where the combined value of specified equipment is greater than NZ$500,000 ex GST.
  • For equipment that will be hired out or hired in by the insured.
  • For equipment types that are not listed in the quote tool.
  • For photographic equipment used underwater.
  • For general policy extensions including:
    • -  Machinery breakdown
    • -  Data restoration
    • -  Increased cost of working
    • -  Automatic inclusion
  • Schedules of unspecified equipment greater than NZ$100,000
  • On equipment which is not normally located within New Zealand. 
  • Where the client has had a claim on similar equipment within the past 3 years

We are not able to

  • Offer quotes on sums insured of more than NZ$250k if Chubb is already the insurer
  • Insure equipment used in the mining (underground), energy, chemical and heavy industries
  • Cover tradesmen's tools whilst in use if the theft, loss or accidental damage is caused by or arises directly or indirectly out of any testing, intentional overloading or experiments, out of any process of heat treatment, welding, grinding, cutting, drilling, shaping or the application of tools to the equipment
  • Insure equipment in countries that are UN sanctioned


  • Amounts greater than NZ$100k this requires referral.
  • For unspecified equipment, the most the insurer is liable to pay in meeting all claims is a maximum of NZ$3k per item the sum insured shown in the Certificate of Insurance for the unspecified equipment category.

Policy period

  • For new laptops & smartphones we can cater for policy periods up to 3 years. 

Equipment age

  • We can insure equipment of any age as long as the replacement value is used in the quote tool.

Minimum sum insured

  • We have a minimum sum insured for tradesmen's tools of NZ$5,000. Apart from this there is no minimum but at very low values our minimum premium will apply

Mobile and semi-portable medical/veterinary equipment

  • On the quote tool please select the "Portable Electronic" tab, and click on "Please select" to see a drop down list of these equipment types

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