Frequently Asked Questions

What business needs to be referred?

  • Static (non-portable) Equipment with replacement value more than $10,000
  • Individual items with replacement value more than $50,000
  • Equipment that is on hire or on loan
  • Equipment types not listed in the quote tool
  • All items in the miscellaneous category - including coffee machines, ice-shaving machines, portable phone booths and portaloos
  • Equipment not normally located within New Zealand
  • Where the client has had a claim on similar equipment in the last 3 years
  • Equipment used in underground mining, and the energy, chemical and heavy
    engineering sectors
  • Schedules of unspecified equipment more than NZ$100,000
  • Photographic equipment used underwater
  • Sound Desks, Mixing Desks, Amplifiers, Speakers

What cover periods are available?

6-36 months for portable equipment. 6-60 months for static (non-portable) equipment. Just key in the appropriate number of months in the quote tool to generate a quote.

What do I do about endorsements?

If you wish to change any details on a current policy please send the information to  along with the policy number and we will send you an endorsement quote.

Unspecified Equipment

  • Amounts greater than NZ$ 100k requires referral.
  • For unspecified equipment, the most the insurer is liable to pay in meeting all claims is a maximum of NZ$3k per item and the sum insured shown in the Certificate of Insurance of the unspecified equipment category.

What are the limits for Tradesman Tools?

Web quotes: Specified limit NZ$500k, unspecified limit NZ$100k. Please call Protecsure if you require larger limits.

Limit per item for unspecified tradesmen's tools is NZ$3k. Please specify any tradesmen's tools worth more than NZ$3k.

What is the cover for tradesmen's tools?

Theft following forcible & violent entry, accidental damage (some limitations apply), fire. Please see the tradesmen's tools trade link under the "Products" menu item for more details

A tradie has 6 vans, each with NZ$20k of equipment. What should the sum insured be?

 NZ$120,000, unless you can tell which van is going to suffer a loss and you just insure that one! 

What is the minimum sum insured?

There is no minimum sum insured, except on tradesmen's tools and this amount varies based upon the sums insured for other categories. The minimum premium for most asset classes is NZ$180. You might consider insuring low value items for longer periods - just key in the required number of months.

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did you know?

We recently insured $85k worth of mermaid tails. Give us a call if you have any miscellaneous equipment to insure.

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